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We hope to inspire and enroll fellow Northwest Kansas dentists to join together to offer a day of humanity on Friday, September 30, 2016, by providing free dental services to the less fortunate in our communities.  It is in the spirit of “giving back” to our fellow citizens we ask you to join hands with us as a region to serve the underprivileged in an entirely new program called DDS Give. No single office will be left out or amplified.

Aspects of the DDS Give program include:

  • Work in your own office with your own staff
  • Work by appointment on a first-called in first served basis until your schedule is as full as you would like it to be,       including a lunch break if you desire
  • Use your own equipment, tools and materials
  • Provide routine hygiene appointments complete with x-rays, cleanings, fluoride, sealants (where appropriate) and exams.
  • Once the hygiene appointment is completed, move the patient immediately into any treatment appointment needed (fillings and extractions).  You would decide whether to provide all of their needs or just the emergent.
  • Provide emergency only services directly resulting from the donated dentistry day for the following week by a signed agreement between you and the patient (we would provide the template for informed consent by email or fax)
  • Public service announcements in your local newspaper and radio stations would be coordinated on your behalf
  • DDS Give Provider Forms Available

Frequently Asked Questions
What is DDS Give?
DDS Give is a program created by NW KS dental professionals to alleviate pain, infection, dental decay, and gum disease to as many less fortunate patients as possible.

How do we sign up?
Simply call Canterbury Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at 785.628.1079 or email to sign up. After we hear from you, we will add your name to the website.

What treatment should we provide?
Please feel free to provide any treatment that you deem is necessary. We feel it would be best to provide as much urgent and basic care to as many people as possible rather than focusing on comprehensive care to a few. Treatment should be limited to things that can completed in one visit. This would include exams, x-rays, cleanings, simple restorative, extractions, and may be simple endodontics.

How will patients find out about this?
We will handle the advertising for the program. We will attempt to have paper, radio, and television advertisements about the program. Patient's will be encouraged to check the website or call their local providers to see if they are participating. We will also send you a sample one page advertisement that can be distributed to schools, churches, community groups, etc. to post in order to announce the program.

How will patients sign up?
Patient will sign up by calling a provider in their area to be scheduled.

Will the DDS Give program verify the patient’s “less fortunate” status?
No. Patients will self-select for this program. It is our hope that the majority of patients will be honest about there “less fortunate” status. However, it is possible that we may get patients that are just looking for a deal. We will leave this to your best judgment as far as treating these patients is concerned.

What should we do when patients contact our office?
If you are participating in this program just give the patient an appointment time and information about arriving early to fill out paperwork or coming by prior to the program to pick up the paperwork. If you are not participating, please consider signing up or refer the patient to another provider in your area that is participating.

Should we screen scheduled patients prior to the event?
This is not necessary, but if you would like to do this it would be fine.

Should we have patients pick up paper work prior to the event?
It is up to you if you would like patients to pick up paperwork prior to the event or if you would like them to arrive early in order to fill out paperwork. We feel that picking up paperwork prior to the event will help the day of the event to run a bit more smoothly.

What kind of documentation will be needed on the day of the event?
There will be several forms that you will need. You may download the paperwork from the website or request hard copies be sent to you. The forms include a Charitable Care Release Form that was provided to us by the Kansas Dental Association. A patient information/medical history form, an exam form, a description of treatment form, and a coding form will also been needed for each patient. These forms are meant to make documentation easy and complete for you.

Should we add the patients into our practice administration software?
This is up to you. We would recommend not adding this step. Patients could always be added if they decide to become a regular patient in the practice.

How many patients should we see the day of the event?
This is totally up to you. You may wish to decide how much time you want to give to each patient and schedule accordingly. You may want to have some longer and some shorter appointments available. You could also build some flex-time into the schedule for those appointments that go a bit longer. If this is your first time to do something like this, I would recommend not packing the schedule too tightly. This will just cause frustration and stress for you, your staff, and the patients.

What if complications occur during treatment?
If a complication occurs, you are expected to manage it. If it is a complication outside of your expertise, then you will need to get the patient into the hands of someone that can manage it.  Hopefully, we will have representatives from most dental specialties participating on the day of the event. Please check the patient page of the website to see a list of the participating providers.

What if the patient needs care that we do not provide?
Hopefully, we will have representatives from most dental specialties participating on the day of the event. Please check the patient page of the website to see a list of the participating providers.

Can we work with another provider during the event?
Yes. We hope this will be a collegial event and it may be fun to team up with another office to provide this care.

Will we be reimbursed for any supplies used during the event?
No. All participating providers are expected to donate there time, facilities, and supplies.

Do we pay our staff during the event?
This is up to you. In general, we would say this event should be promoted to staff as a charitable opportunity for all and they will not be paid for their voluntary participation.

What if patients offer to pay us during the event?
We recommend not excepting any payment from patients. This would cheapen what we are trying to do. If a patient insists, we would recommend that they pay it forward by giving to another charitable organization or church.

What if patients do not receive all of the dental work they need during the event?
Most patients will not receive comprehensive care during this program. Many patients will need care beyond the scope of a one-day charitable event. We feel patients should be told prior to participating in the program about the limited nature of this event and they should be informed of other treatment needed once they have completed the program.  The standard paperwork that you can download from this website will help you with all of this.

How do we report the total amount of care that we provided during the event?
The standard paperwork that you can down from this website has a coding page. This will help you total the amount of care for each patient. You will just need to total the amount of all the patients you see on the day of the event and email or fax to Canterbury Oral Surgery, Fax 785-628-1090, email: We just want to know how much everyone did in order to report the total amount of charitable care given to less fortunate patients in Northwest Kansas once the event is over. This is not a competition between offices and the total amounts provided by each office will not be reported to outside organizations.

Do we have to provide the care on the day of the event?
Not necessarily. If you wish to provide care on a different day than what is advertised, you will have to inform the patients that schedule at your office about the alternative date.   We will not advertise this alternative date. We are promoting a single day because we believe that if everyone works on the same day we can capitalize on excitement and more efficiently promote the event. Also, if complications occur during the course of your treatment that are outside your area of expertise, a specialist may not be available to provide the charitable care on your alternative date.

What do we do with all the paperwork once the event is over?
You will need to save the paperwork and x-rays for a period of 10 years just like any other dental records. You could simply file it or you could scan the pages and file it in an electronic file.


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